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Remember that as the water might be flowing fast at first, when it stops it is clear and  filtered. It might go rough at some stages in life, but in the end you might see the beauty of it all.

Master the art of Humbleness

The art of being a humble person is an art that needs practice every day. All the provocations of this world we live in can sometimes take a grip on you without you realizing that you are in trouble of being drawn in. Drawn in to something you never thought you could be drawn into. How do we stay focused every day and keep on moving forward if there is so many things  and even people that wants to pull you back down?

Living at the cost of fearing to lose. Fearing to lose what you love, what you need and even what you enjoy. In my day to day work I meet people that sometimes lose everything they own in a moment not even controlled by them. In a moment where they are so vulnerable and never expected it. Some people lose property, some lose loved ones and others their dignity. No matter what the lost, it imposes fear among us that deprive us of allot of joy and freedom in our lives. Fear that can control the person you ought to be. Fear that takes away the ability to be the mere humble person you are. Fear that can destroy you in a way that living is no longer living and joy is a mere feeling of desire not destined for you. And having this fear in you can hold you back. Hold you back so much that you are not you anymore.

I found that positive thinking helps initiating positive action. To try and overcome fear and live a happier life, you sometimes have to let go of negativity and just keep focused on what is positive. If you gather more and more positive thoughts, it tends to turn to positive energy and turns you into the person you so long to be. All of us want to be good. All of us want to be happy. All of us can be like that if we can master the art of humbleness. Learn to strive for positivity in life and you will defeat the fear of this world. Be strong, be great, but remain humble as far as you can.

Don’t miss the moment

Some moments in life is worth remembering. Surprisingly those moments sometimes are not the moments where you went out on the an expensive trips or holidays, but something so small and insignificant that it is a moment incised in your soul and you recall it from time to time for a feeling of comfort. It is like that time you watched a sunrise or sunset and just gawked at it for minutes without saying or doing anything. That warm feeling you get when you capture the moment with your eyes only. Now my question comes in… Why can’t we have moments like this every day of our lives? I have realised that some of us tend to get so busy and that we forget to look around us and appreciate some possible good moments in life. When you wake up in the morning and run up and down to get to work, we tend not to bother about anything else around us than just to finish and get to work. Being stuck in traffic and just watching the cars in front of you, instead of looking up and noticing a beautiful warm sunrise over the city. Doing shopping trying to get everything you need just to get back home, instead of noticing a child’s smile as his received a balloon at the shops door and have a moment of joy in his life. I have realised that seeing other people smiling, being happy and joyful, can make me also feel happy for that moment. And taking note of that feeling I’ve also came to the conclusion that if other people smiling can make me smile, I can also make other people smile when they see me smiling. A smile is like an addiction actually. If you look at a person and smiles, most of the time you would get the same reaction back. So now in a quest to make the world a happier place I came to the conclusion… We should look around us more often and appreciate every possible good moment that arise and as we capture that moment, we should smile and for that moment, someone else will see you smiling creating another moment for that person to also start smiling. Doing this you are not only appreciating life, but contributing to another’s life. Some moments in life is worth remembering, just make sure you don’t miss it…

Empty the Cup

As I started my run yesterday, I felt a bit lazy and decided just to take it slow and let the road lead me. I went through town not actually paying attention to the people around me. My thoughts were a mixture of what I wanted to do the coming week and what I have achieved up to now. Then as I left town, onto a quiet road, I only heard the sound of my shoes on the road. My cadence almost constant. My thought got quiet and only the sound of running, the road and nature remained. My mind was empty, and I knew I am where I wanted to be. At total harmony for that moment. I just kept on running, following the road, loving the road and enjoying the run…

It is sometimes difficult to explain to someone who is not running what that moment of peace is about. You need to experience it to understand it. It is like Bruce Lee said, first empty the cup before it can take in something new. That is exactly what a long run can do for me. That is my way of emptying my cup, to accept the new things that is coming to me the following week. It is a way of making peace with what has departed and making way to receive something new. Every person have their own way of reaching this level. No matter what sport or hobby you have, everyone do have a way of emptying their minds an just be at peace for a moment.

Always remember what you need to do to get back to that level. Always keep in mind that what happened is over and the things that might come tomorrow can be astonishing. Empty your mind, be eager to accept what comes. We are destined to achieve immensity in life. Just keep on going forward, and you will find it.

Playing Life’s Curveballs…

Sometimes life just throws a curveball at you, or so they say…

I don’t know how to explain everything that happens in life, but sometimes things happen in your life that you just can not explain or avoid. It is like for a moment you do not have any control over what you do, you say, or you react to. It is a moment where you do not think, you just follow the rhythm of your emotions, the drive that is in your heart and the sense that does not make any sense.

Today I am writing, not because I have to or want to, but because my heart drives me insane, my mind is drifting and my dreams are beyond what I can imagine. I am living in a epic fantasy the last few days and it is like something I have never imagined. I have discovered myself in ways I never thought possible. I have done things I’ve never thought I am capable of doing. I have rise to a level I never knew. But as I came to this extraordinary level, I had to take a decline to get back down again. This decline I never expected and did not want to go back, but I had to. It was like climbing a mountain to the top, appreciating the view, but you can’t stay on top of it. You have to climb down again and go back to where you belong.

Now the question arise whether the place you belong to be, is the place you should be. Why can’t you stay on top of the mountain and have the view for life? I do not have that answers and also don’t know where I am going next. All I know is that I will never give up in life. I have to write stories of epic adventures, stories of lost love, stories of hope and all the stories to inspire and motivate the people around me. I believe that in the end, my adventure will also end at the place I have dreamed of. A place that will let me live in harmony, peace and total happiness.

Curveballs can be played. Sometimes you strike it right and other times not. No matter what happens, you are still in the game… Keep on playing.


About two weeks back I was feeling very demotivated and depresses. Then one of my colleagues told me a story. I am not sure where the story originated from but she said that she received it on a email once. After hearing this story I went home having peace inside me and a wonderful message. The story made me feel so good again I decided to share that story here, in my own words, as I think it will inspire you all.

Once there was a man who lived with his wife in a small town. They were very poor and the man did not have a job. They also did not have any children and they were told that his wife was unable to have children. So one day he told his wife that he had to leave. He told her that he would be gone for a long time and that he don’t know where to he might go in search of work. He asked his wife one thing, that she must stay faithful to him and wait for him, as he will do the same.

So the man left his wife and went on a journey in search of work. The road was long and he travelled for days to come. He finally reached a place where he met an old man that offered him a job. The man then told the old man not give him his money every month end, but to hold on to it until one day he will be ready to go back home. Then he will take all his money at once and go back to his wife. The old man agreed to this and the man started working for him.

Months passed and soon years started to pass by. The man worked for the old man as agreed and so continued for twenty one years. After this time the man went to the old man requesting his money and informing him that he will return home now to his wife. The old man agreed to this but he told the man that he had a proposal for him. The old man then told the man that he can give him three good guidance’s that will help him allot along the way, but if he give him this advice he will not receive his money, but should he rather take the money the old man will not give the man the guidance’s. The man was not sure what to say but out of faith he then told the old man that he wanted the guidance’s. The old man then told the man the first thing he can tell him is to go home straight and not to take any shortcuts along the way. The old man told the man that he will give him three loafs of bread and because the road will be long he must eat two of the loafs on the way, but the third loaf he must eat at home together with his wife. The old man then told the man that the second thing he can tell him, is not to be curious. Then the third thing he said that the man must not act or take decisions while being angry. The man did not fully understand how these three things will help him, but he had faith in what the old man said and so he went on the road back home, having these three loafs of bread.

After a full day of traveling the man met some stranger along the way. The stranger inquired to where he was going and when he heard that the man is going home he told him that he know a shorter road and directed the man. The man was tired and started walking the shorter way, but as he remembered the old man’s first advice, he turned back and took the original road he knew. After a long time he reached a small town and he looked for a hotel to sleep. At the hotel there were people sitting and talking of someone that was ambushed and robbed earlier that day. He then realised that should he had taken the shorter road, he would have been ambushed and robbed as well.

The man went to his room and went to bed. Late that night he heard a load scream and then there were some fighting outside. The man got up and wanted to go and see what was happening, but then he remembered the old man’s words, not to be curious. The man got back into bed and slept till the morning. That morning as he went out the owner of the hotel was surprise to see the man. The owner asked him if he did not hear the shouting during the night. The man replied that he did, but he did not go outside. The owner of the hotel told the man that he is the first one to walk out of his hotel alive. He explained that his neighbour is mad and that he will scream at night and if anyone is curious and comes outside he will kill them. The man then realised that he was alive due to the fact that he was not curious and listened to what the old man told him. From there the man took the road and travelled on further. The man arrived at his home late at night and through the open window of his house he saw his wife with a younger man. The man was combing her hair. They were talking and laughing like they knew each other for a long time. The man was furious, but remembered the old man’s words not to act while being angry.

The man ate the second loaf of bread and slept outside for the night. The next morning he entered his house. His wife was so happy to see him and wanted to hug him, but he pushed her away. He then told her that he saw her with the younger man and that he was not happy. He said to her that he remained faithful to her for the twenty one years that he was working, but she failed him. His wife then smiled and called the young man from the other room. She introduced the young man to her husband telling him that this was his father. The man was shocked and could not believe it. His wife then explained that shortly after he left the house she found out that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a boy and raised him for the time the man was away, longing for his return to introduce him to his son. The man realised that if he had acted the previous night out of anger, he might have made a big mistake in killing his own son.

From there the man sat down and explained to his wife that he did not have any money, but only the one loaf of bread. The wife was so happy that her husband was back she did not care. She took the bread and set the table for the three of them. When she wanted to cut the bread she found that it was very hard and that something is wrong with it. As she manage to break it open she found the loaf of bread was stuffed with money. As the man and his wife took the money out and counted it, they found that it was what the old man owed the man for his work and that there was even more that he was suppose to get. The man and his wife was very happy and the man realised that by trusting and having faith in what the old man told him, saved his life.

This story also teaches us to have faith and be patient. Sometimes it is worth waiting for something and receive it at the right time when you need it, than to take shortcuts to success, being curious to what other are doing and to act out of anger and frustration. All good things comes to those who wait patiently and have faith. I hope this story also give you hope in a time that you are feeling down…

A Fallen Hero


Having the honour today to go out yet again on another photo taking adventure, I stumbled upon this antique typewriter. I could not help myself to stop for a while and dream the dreams of the person that once owned it. I wonder if any books were published that were typed upon it. How many stories were told through it? How many hours late at night was it at work by the hands of its owner?

Now it is only standing here, to be admired, but for no other purpose because no one will ever consider writing another story on it. It is like the typewriter exceeded it’s purpose and although having a price tag as an antique, it will never work again as intended to. As I browsed through the antique shop I saw many old books as well as a few more typewriters. Thinking back when I was still at school, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to use a typewriter. The old manual ones, the ones before the electric models came. Now I know how frustrating typing on this machines can be, because making a mistake is not easy to fix as today we only hit the backspace button. Yes and I did write a poem or two on that typewriter, as well as a few letters. From there I found it easier to write by hand and most of my writing was done by hand up to the time I got my own computer and printer. Everything changed…

Our children and their children to come will probably never know how difficult it was to type our stories on these typewriters. They are born into a world where the technology is expanding day by day. We don’t type letters and send it by post anymore because the email option is so much faster and more effective. Just by clicking and posting I am making a story available to billions of people at once. And just as simple as it is send, it can be deleted and forgotten again. But should it have been typed on that old typewriter, the story would have been imprinted on paper and saved for centuries to come.

I just hope that technology do not take over in such a way that after a few years, the human will be placed on display as this old typewriter. I don’t know how we as humans can and will change in the future, but I hope it will be for better and good, and not for worse. As things are going these days, we can so easily be the masters of our own downfall.

Please admire this photo with me, because it is a photo of a fallen hero that once enchanted people with the most beautiful stories through the hands of its master. May we remember, embrace and never forget.