Playing Life’s Curveballs…

Sometimes life just throws a curveball at you, or so they say…

I don’t know how to explain everything that happens in life, but sometimes things happen in your life that you just can not explain or avoid. It is like for a moment you do not have any control over what you do, you say, or you react to. It is a moment where you do not think, you just follow the rhythm of your emotions, the drive that is in your heart and the sense that does not make any sense.

Today I am writing, not because I have to or want to, but because my heart drives me insane, my mind is drifting and my dreams are beyond what I can imagine. I am living in a epic fantasy the last few days and it is like something I have never imagined. I have discovered myself in ways I never thought possible. I have done things I’ve never thought I am capable of doing. I have rise to a level I never knew. But as I came to this extraordinary level, I had to take a decline to get back down again. This decline I never expected and did not want to go back, but I had to. It was like climbing a mountain to the top, appreciating the view, but you can’t stay on top of it. You have to climb down again and go back to where you belong.

Now the question arise whether the place you belong to be, is the place you should be. Why can’t you stay on top of the mountain and have the view for life? I do not have that answers and also don’t know where I am going next. All I know is that I will never give up in life. I have to write stories of epic adventures, stories of lost love, stories of hope and all the stories to inspire and motivate the people around me. I believe that in the end, my adventure will also end at the place I have dreamed of. A place that will let me live in harmony, peace and total happiness.

Curveballs can be played. Sometimes you strike it right and other times not. No matter what happens, you are still in the game… Keep on playing.


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