Don’t miss the moment

Some moments in life is worth remembering. Surprisingly those moments sometimes are not the moments where you went out on the an expensive trips or holidays, but something so small and insignificant that it is a moment incised in your soul and you recall it from time to time for a feeling of comfort. It is like that time you watched a sunrise or sunset and just gawked at it for minutes without saying or doing anything. That warm feeling you get when you capture the moment with your eyes only. Now my question comes in… Why can’t we have moments like this every day of our lives? I have realised that some of us tend to get so busy and that we forget to look around us and appreciate some possible good moments in life. When you wake up in the morning and run up and down to get to work, we tend not to bother about anything else around us than just to finish and get to work. Being stuck in traffic and just watching the cars in front of you, instead of looking up and noticing a beautiful warm sunrise over the city. Doing shopping trying to get everything you need just to get back home, instead of noticing a child’s smile as his received a balloon at the shops door and have a moment of joy in his life. I have realised that seeing other people smiling, being happy and joyful, can make me also feel happy for that moment. And taking note of that feeling I’ve also came to the conclusion that if other people smiling can make me smile, I can also make other people smile when they see me smiling. A smile is like an addiction actually. If you look at a person and smiles, most of the time you would get the same reaction back. So now in a quest to make the world a happier place I came to the conclusion… We should look around us more often and appreciate every possible good moment that arise and as we capture that moment, we should smile and for that moment, someone else will see you smiling creating another moment for that person to also start smiling. Doing this you are not only appreciating life, but contributing to another’s life. Some moments in life is worth remembering, just make sure you don’t miss it…


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