Master the art of Humbleness

The art of being a humble person is an art that needs practice every day. All the provocations of this world we live in can sometimes take a grip on you without you realizing that you are in trouble of being drawn in. Drawn in to something you never thought you could be drawn into. How do we stay focused every day and keep on moving forward if there is so many things  and even people that wants to pull you back down?

Living at the cost of fearing to lose. Fearing to lose what you love, what you need and even what you enjoy. In my day to day work I meet people that sometimes lose everything they own in a moment not even controlled by them. In a moment where they are so vulnerable and never expected it. Some people lose property, some lose loved ones and others their dignity. No matter what the lost, it imposes fear among us that deprive us of allot of joy and freedom in our lives. Fear that can control the person you ought to be. Fear that takes away the ability to be the mere humble person you are. Fear that can destroy you in a way that living is no longer living and joy is a mere feeling of desire not destined for you. And having this fear in you can hold you back. Hold you back so much that you are not you anymore.

I found that positive thinking helps initiating positive action. To try and overcome fear and live a happier life, you sometimes have to let go of negativity and just keep focused on what is positive. If you gather more and more positive thoughts, it tends to turn to positive energy and turns you into the person you so long to be. All of us want to be good. All of us want to be happy. All of us can be like that if we can master the art of humbleness. Learn to strive for positivity in life and you will defeat the fear of this world. Be strong, be great, but remain humble as far as you can.


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