I am a part time writer living in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I write in English as well as Afrikaans. I have not published any books yet since I only recently decided to go in that direction, though I’ve been writing for years not showing to anyone. I write drama, romance, some kids stories, inspirational and motivational books. I am still finding myself in the writer’s world and I think I’ve got a style of my own. I always like doing things my way and that’s why I like writing about life and the things that affect people day to day. Just hope the publishers like my style…

I created this blog to show off a bit, but most of all to give something back to this world in the form of writing. I don’t want to talk about my day job here, but I can only say it’s adventures, exiting and dangerous.

I am a very friendly, kind and loving person. I love to talk to people but favour my alone time. I’m a dreamer and that is what inspires me to write stories. If only I started years back, my dreams would have been novels by now.


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