Empty the Cup

As I started my run yesterday, I felt a bit lazy and decided just to take it slow and let the road lead me. I went through town not actually paying attention to the people around me. My thoughts were a mixture of what I wanted to do the coming week and what I have achieved up to now. Then as I left town, onto a quiet road, I only heard the sound of my shoes on the road. My cadence almost constant. My thought got quiet and only the sound of running, the road and nature remained. My mind was empty, and I knew I am where I wanted to be. At total harmony for that moment. I just kept on running, following the road, loving the road and enjoying the run…

It is sometimes difficult to explain to someone who is not running what that moment of peace is about. You need to experience it to understand it. It is like Bruce Lee said, first empty the cup before it can take in something new. That is exactly what a long run can do for me. That is my way of emptying my cup, to accept the new things that is coming to me the following week. It is a way of making peace with what has departed and making way to receive something new. Every person have their own way of reaching this level. No matter what sport or hobby you have, everyone do have a way of emptying their minds an just be at peace for a moment.

Always remember what you need to do to get back to that level. Always keep in mind that what happened is over and the things that might come tomorrow can be astonishing. Empty your mind, be eager to accept what comes. We are destined to achieve immensity in life. Just keep on going forward, and you will find it.


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