The Loneliness

Someone once said: “A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will never part…”

I think the strongest word in the quote is the word “true” that actually describe the type of friend we are talking about. True friends do not come easily and as often in your life as the other ones. I am actually sitting here today thinking of how many people I once called friends, that are no longer a part of my life. Some parted on their own way to follow their dreams and it caused us to lose contact. Others simply choose to part ways because they had better interests in life. Then there were the once I chose to part with due to moral reasons. Never the less friends came and left and some left memories behind and others just left and it is like they never existed.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are all alone in this great big world? As moments ago the thoughts of friendship invaded my mind, I had that exact feeling. The feeling of being alone and not knowing who to call this “true” friend of mine. Someone to share your most deepest secrets with. Someone to share your passions an desires with. Someone that will always be there when you need to cry. The one person that will always be happy for you when you are successful. The one that will be by your side, no matter what. Does friends like this still exist, or is it also a thing that we only read about in fairy tales and see in movies.

I have experienced it to be hard these days to make good friends. Some people are just not interested, others are so busy with their own issues that they simply don’t have space in their lives for you. No matter how nice or how friendly, polite, well mannered and sharing I am, it is never enough. Then this morning I have read a interesting article. Being a writer is to be having a gift to turn ones personal emotions, sadness and sorrow, into a form of art. We as writers write best when we are having emotions that disrupt our lives and then we turn these emotions to word art on paper. It is a nice thought to have. I am capable of making something beautiful out of something dejected. But that alone does not forage the feeling of loneliness in me. I turned to share my feelings to the world out there in my writing, but after sharing it and displaying this art that was created out of sorrow, I’m still alone.

What happened to the people in this world? Why is it so hard to find friendship, but so easy to start a fight? Is war and anger more appealing to the human eye than peace and tranquillity? I am in search of the answers to these questions and I am striving to see a change in humanity. I want to be able to call people friends instead of foe. I want people to smile and laughs and it must feel natural to them instead of asking me why I am always smiling and happy as if it’s wrong to do. Today I am sad, I am not smiling and I am feeling lost. I am writing and turning my sadness into art. I hope that my art will reach someone out there in this world, also desperately in need of comfort in knowing, you are not alone out there. We share the feeling, the need, and artistic skills of a writer. May I be a true friend to you through my writing and let my writing, at least for the moment, part your way from the loneliness.

We might not have conversations, we might not be together, but as long as my writing affects your heart, our thoughts will never part…


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