A Fallen Hero


Having the honour today to go out yet again on another photo taking adventure, I stumbled upon this antique typewriter. I could not help myself to stop for a while and dream the dreams of the person that once owned it. I wonder if any books were published that were typed upon it. How many stories were told through it? How many hours late at night was it at work by the hands of its owner?

Now it is only standing here, to be admired, but for no other purpose because no one will ever consider writing another story on it. It is like the typewriter exceeded it’s purpose and although having a price tag as an antique, it will never work again as intended to. As I browsed through the antique shop I saw many old books as well as a few more typewriters. Thinking back when I was still at school, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to use a typewriter. The old manual ones, the ones before the electric models came. Now I know how frustrating typing on this machines can be, because making a mistake is not easy to fix as today we only hit the backspace button. Yes and I did write a poem or two on that typewriter, as well as a few letters. From there I found it easier to write by hand and most of my writing was done by hand up to the time I got my own computer and printer. Everything changed…

Our children and their children to come will probably never know how difficult it was to type our stories on these typewriters. They are born into a world where the technology is expanding day by day. We don’t type letters and send it by post anymore because the email option is so much faster and more effective. Just by clicking and posting I am making a story available to billions of people at once. And just as simple as it is send, it can be deleted and forgotten again. But should it have been typed on that old typewriter, the story would have been imprinted on paper and saved for centuries to come.

I just hope that technology do not take over in such a way that after a few years, the human will be placed on display as this old typewriter. I don’t know how we as humans can and will change in the future, but I hope it will be for better and good, and not for worse. As things are going these days, we can so easily be the masters of our own downfall.

Please admire this photo with me, because it is a photo of a fallen hero that once enchanted people with the most beautiful stories through the hands of its master. May we remember, embrace and never forget.


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