Drive to Succeed

Determination, preparation and a lot of thinking. This is what most things in life is about. You can’t just one day decide to do something and do it without the proper planning. Everything you do need this and even if you have the talent to do it, you still need to prepare.

So I have done many things in my lifetime already and I intend to do so much more. The eager I have just to uplift myself and do the things I’ve always dreamed off is awe-inspiring. I wish I could have felt this way in an earlier phase of my life, because I might have achieved even more by now, but never less it do not hold me back now. With so much inspiration and determination I set out day by day to live my life to the fullest. Another great thing that I have learned is that failure along the way is not the end point, but just a focus point to show you where you need to improve. Realising this has given me even more control in my life.

There are a few things in life that is beyond our control, but that is also not the end point and if you really learn to live a focused life, you can even exceed past this obstacles in your way. Never think that it’s the end, because the end is not where you give up or stop trying, it’s where you’ve reached greatness and proved to yourself that you can. And with this a rewarding feeling comes every time you make it and you get a desire to do even more. The more you accomplish in life, the better you feel about yourself.

Being a very positive and motivated person is not always as easy as it looks. I can not believe how many people around me tries to demotivate me or to pull me down. Sometimes for no reason at all, just because my happiness is exasperating them. It is very sad to think about this in such a way, but it happens. My determination is stronger than any one can imagine. I don’t know why or how it came to be like this, but I am glad I became this strong person I am today. Yes, I also do feel sad at some times and my heart can still be broken, but I can not let it pull me down. I am strong and eager to flourish in everything I do.

Take my advice today. Never give up. Success is a great feeling.


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