Thank You

Sometimes we live our lives in a way that we just go on and on, day by day, not actually caring about the small insignificant happenings that come to form part of our lives. The people around us that actually overhauls us, little by little, bit by bit, but we are so busy searching for other more important things that we neglect to take notice. And when one don’t notice, how can one appreciate? Our lives became a hectic blast that so often moves us at a pace where the smallest and most sincere gestures by another is unheeded.

When I sit here today, all alone by myself, I’m thinking back over time that conceded. Time that passed that I can never get back. Times where I should have said thank you, but neglected to. All those thank you moments that are lost and can never be taken back, and saying it now would not matter as it did at that time it was destined for.

Did you know that a simple thank you has more supremacy in it than ever imagined. The word thank you can change the future. The word thank you is so powerful, it was once said by someone that the mere articulating of it, can move the greatest mountains in your way. Why then do we neglect the simple but so humble words. It is only two small words that can bring a smile about. It can let someone feel appreciated. It can uplift the one person that might feel so helpless and inconsequential at a certain time. Yes that two word have more power to it than any curse vocalised over a soul.

I am thankful for this day, and every day to come in my life. I am thankful for my ability to see, to feel, to take notice of the so often overlooked things to be grateful for. I am thankful for those two word, not only taught to me by parents that loves me in profusion, but for those two words that have became part of my daily lexis.

I hope that I can now also by simply  giving this thoughts through to you, the person that bothered to read this editorial, also make you understand these two words better. And then without further deferral, I also like to thank you. Thank you for taking a small part of your time to read what I have to say. I hope that through time, my writing can also form part of a healing process. Healing people, healing nations, but most of all, healing our world…


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