With the utmost grace and style he glides across the floor. Rhythmical movements that are paced out in the patterns of an exotic dance movement. Strike after strike, focused consistently to the objective. He mimics the flow of water as he strides around his opponent. The cage that surround him is like a lions den. A place you do not enter willingly if it’s not home…

This is the life of a fighter. This is the moment he lives for and trains for day after day. What seems to be a senseless battle to the outsider, is actually a journey of discovering endless possibilities. It is a pursuit for the inner self in a persons soul that will give him the comfort of control. Not to control oneself neither another, but control of movement that can only be unleased after months of self-discovery and pushing past the capable boundaries of ones physical ability. Hard and dedicated work comes together all in a moment, where a display of power to the spectator, becomes a test of ability to the fighter. Every strike carefully directed to a direction with the right amount of control and gravity behind it. Muscles in his body contracting and expanding at the same time, joints turning to cover extension and perfect balance to bring forth the damaging blow of a knockout. Consistently moving around, not a moment to spare for a breath. This is a test of the ultimate art. A art known for survival under the strong, admired by the weak. Practiced among thousands, mastered by few.

At the end after all is over and only one claims the victory, the spectators cheers him on. For that moment the fighter acknowledges the crowd with a modest bow. This is not as worship, but claiming the respect of thousands. It is also not to display power, but to extend gratefulness. Yes for this moment he honours the art he practice.

Martial arts is often seen as just people fighting and the word art is taken out of the tradition. I also participated in this game and I can tell you that it is more than just that. It is a art indeed and it takes skill to compete. You can never tell by just looking at a person that he participate in this art. You will be surprised to know that most of these fighters often appears as the weak during their normal activities. I can not explain what it is that drives someone to become a fighter. What I can tell you is that once it flows in your blood, it never leaves. Martial arts is a lifestyle and is not only about the training. It changes everything about you. The way you think, the way you react.

Now I’m wondering, why it is not possible to commit to everything in life as a fighter commits himself to his training? Why can we not put that much effort in everything we do as a fighter puts into his training for a fight? Life as we know it can also be described as a battlefield and was indeed noted down like that in the pas by many. We are fighting day to day to get what we want. We are fighting and fighting but at the end, do we really succeed? Do we succeed in our endless fight in this world or do we just go out there, throwing blow after blow hoping it would leed to a knockout somewhere?

I think sometimes we must really just take a step back. Just get out of the fight for a while. Sit down and plan and then start training. Not just jumping into a fight without preparation, but really start focused training with a purpose driven goal in front of us. One should plan, strategize and get focused. As a fighter won’t step into the fighting cage ‘the lions den’ unprepared, we should not step into this world unprepared. How many people are waking up in the morning just to go to work because they have to? Not because they want to, but simply because they have to. Have to work to have money and what for? To have money to proceed living a life you just have to live and don’t actually want to live…

This is the reality for so many people, but it does not have to be like this. You, yes only you have the power to change your life. You can be like a fighter. You can plan. You can train yourself. You can be indomitable just by your own capability of evolving yourself into someone that can do and want to do what he or she is good at.

Take back your life. Glide with the utmost grace and style only you can do. Feel the rhythm of the exotic life dance and pace yourself to the rhythmical movements that lead you. Feel the power and give every strike with total focus and control. Live life to the fullest. Live life to be the greatest. And at the end of the day, give a modest bow. Not to worship your achievements, but to extend gratefulness. Gratefulness for breathing, being capable, but most of all, gratefulness for life…


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