Just a Thought

Have you ever thought what it would be like if there was a person in this world that was an exact replica of you? The very same looks, same thoughts, the same behaviour and reactions. The exact, perfect you…

If I sit and think about the fact that I am a tough person to understand, I wonder if it would  be possible to understand myself if I can observe ‘me’ as another person. Not just another person but the exact ‘me’ as I am. The ‘me’ that the people I know sees me for. Would I have a better perspective then to how I can change to become a better person or would I agree to what I am doing as the way it should be done? Would I then be able to except myself or not? Would this not be a more accurate way of self-examination? Self-finding?

Throughout the ages people are always trying to understand themselves. You can see this if you read books of different authors as they tend to write about themselves in an attempt to look at them self on a piece of paper, portraying themselves as they see their lives to be. Sometimes some of them are accurate, but others are way off and see themselves as they want to be and not as to how the world sees them. Some people might totally refuse to see themselves for who and what they are and rather like the thought of the person they created themselves to be in their minds. I wonder if the person we generate in our minds of our self is not sometimes so strong and overpowering that it takes our way of living and actions over in a way that we lose control of who and what we are. Mental control. Mental capability. The power within that can become such a strong supervisory power that one can confuse reality with imagination.

I sometimes try to understand how a person can just act on and on the way they are acting, without realising that the people around them are not accepting it in that way. I am not just talking of a person doing things his way, because that is normal, but I am talking about a person that behaves out of the boundaries of acceptance. A person like a ‘murderer,’ a ‘criminal,’ the people deemed by society not to be tolerable. How can that person think that the way he or she is thinking and acting is correct? Has his imagination of himself, the world he lives in, and society turned into reality for himself in such a way that he can’t  segregate between what is real and what not?

Let’s get back to our self. How do we then know the way we behave are correct? Do we listen to what the people around us are suggesting we should be doing? Do we follow what others around us are doing and just try to be part of the crowd? Can we still differ with others and follow our own way as we think it is correct? All comes to one big unrequited confusion. But then is that not what life is about? One great big confusion that must be figured out day by day. Is that not what living is about? Deciphering the confusion…

Yes, it would have been good to see oneself through ones own eyes as another person, a replica of oneself. Perhaps we would be able to adjust to be better, but should you then adjust yourself, your replica would still remain as he or she was and before no time, you would not be an exact replica of your replicated person and that means you would be different to him or her and you would no longer have that replication of you. A strange thought to have, but I think it is accurate. When you start changing yourself, you are changing the ‘me’ in yourself. Why change yourself then if the changed subject would not be you?

Just a thought I had…


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