Don’t Judge

To inspire and motivate others comes easy to the outsider, that either never endured the journey, or understood the path let to it. For those who speak without consideration, the might of sorrow is like light to a blind man. For those that grieve not knowing the loss is like a man born deaf, longing the sounds of humanity. But for the man that faced darkness, a man led to the ends of the earth to see, for him are forsaken to utter pure words of his mourning without showing intense demonstrative signs. He might be endowing to other among him, but for his heart he carries the burden. Expression can sometimes only be seen through the sympathy displayed to other. If you can look profoundly into the actions of the modest being, you might encounter the true and deep meaning to their emotional display. Tears do not always come from sorrow, and laughter does not constantly arise from joy. Remember this dear people for the knack is not in speaking, but in intense observation for the signs of lacking fulfilment.


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