The darkness within, or so to say, an untold truth to human nature. These words might seem to be out of context, but if analysed with careful consideration, you might just see the meaning as intended to divulge to all.

What is darkness? Can darkness ever be completely described in a way that all would agree, or is darkness having a different face for each person? Let’s go further and describe humanity. Can it be said that humanity is the human’s nature of interaction to itself, its surroundings, and others? That part that should come natural, but is so often suppressed inside, deep in darkness, that should it arise the darkness dismounts through. Is this not what thwarts a humble act of kindness, to come as natural as opening one’s eyes to the need. Should we not rather aim to get rid of the darkness first, and let our nature be enlivened?

But then again I ask, what is darkness..?


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